Crystal days and Northern Light III
9 - 14 January

Guides note
Crystal days and Northern light II is a tour for you that like to have the comfort of a base camp but still have adventures trips during the day. You spend all the nights in a warm and cozy timber lodgel in our village Umnäs.
On the daytrips you will see beautiful mountains, valleys, forest and frozen lakes.

In January the temperature is around -10 to -40 C. Daylight from around 10.00 to 15.00. It’s always something special when the sun go down and we turn on our head torches, it is a lot of fun and an amazing feeling to mush in the stream of light and see all the millions of snow crystals blinking in different colours to you. If the Northern Light is playing in the same time it doesn’t get much better.

Arrival day
When you arrive in Lapland, Hemavan airport, you will go by car the last 80 km to Umnäs. The first thing we will do in Umnäs is to go and say hello to the dogs. After that you have dinner in your lodge or with your hosts or something lighter like sandwich/lunch depending on what time you arrive. We also take a look on what gear and clothes you need to borrow from us. We talk about your days with the dogs and how to mush the sled.

Day 2 - 6
Daytrips from the dog yard. During these amazing days you will see beautiful mountains, fairytale forests, deep valleys and big frozen lakes. You and the dogs in your team will learn to know each other and be friends and the silence and spectacular nature will give you a fantastic good change in your daily life.
You will learn how to harness the dogs and put them in the pulling line. If you like you are also welcome to help with feeding and daily work in the dog yard. You eat breakfast in your lodge and dinner together with your hosts and we have lunch outside during the day.

Departure day
After breakfast and you packed your bags it is tiime to say goodbye to the dogs. We eat lunch and write in the guest book before we go back to the airport. .


Time to go home with a lot of new friends
and amazing memories from Lapland!